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MHP Up Your Mass 5 lbs

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MHP Up Your Mass 

Για την MHP η "κάθε θερμίδα μετράει» και αυτό αποδεικνύεται από τους αθλητές που την χρησιμοποιούν, συμπεριλαμβανομένων WWE ® Superstar / χρυσός Ολυμπιονίκης, Kurt Angle, και τρεις ισχυροί άνδρες της Αμερικής - Steve Kirit, Phil Pfister, και Mark Φιλίππων.

26g γλουταμίνης, 9g λευκίνης, αργινίνη 7 g, 23 g BCAAs

Az Up Your MASS® - Muscle Building Macrobolic Nutrition® Formula Redefines How People Build Size and Strength

  • Triggers Dramatic Gains in Hard, Dense Muscle Mass and Strength 
  • Sustained Release Probolic Protein Keeps You 100% Anabolic
  • Optimizes Insulin Response for Maximum Muscle Growth 
  • 124,000mg of 18 Highly Anabolic Aminos Per Day! 
  • 26g Glutamine, 9g Leucine, 7g Arginine, 23g BCAAs

UP YOUR MASS is formulated with the proven 45/35/20 Macrobolic Nutrition ratio to create the perfect metabolic and hormonal environment for maximum mass, strength, endurance and recovery.

Whether you're a pro athlete who needs to pack on mass for an upcoming event, or a teenage hardgainer who has difficulty gaining weight, Up Your Mass can help you blast through previously unconquerable with traditional weight gainers. MHP's "Every Calorie Counts" credo is being proven by the many pro athletes who use Up Your Mass daily, including WWE Superstar/Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, and America's Three Strongest Men - Steve Kirit, Phil Pfister, and Mark Philippi.

Probolic® Protein

The most advanced protein matrix ever developed, PROBOLIC® protein (Supro® soy protein isolate, whey concentrate, casein) feeds your muscles for up to 8 hours. This sustained release profile provides a quick, medium and slow release of muscle building amino acids for both fast and long-term nitrogen retention. Probolic is loaded with mega amounts of Glutamine, Leucine, Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and Nitric Oxide boosting Arginine in every serving, all of which are critical for muscle building, strength and recovery from workouts.      

MASS LoadTM Carbs

The type and quality of carbohydrates used in any weight gainer will determine the type and quality of mass you pack on. Only UP YOUR MASS contains MASS LoadTM, a unique agglomerate of carbohydrates (barley, oats and oat fiber) that optimizes the anabolic effect of insulin, allowing your body to build dense, high quality muscle mass. The advanced MASS Load carb blend also gives you sustained energy, fast glycogen replenishment and stabilized blood sugar levels. Unlike the competition, UP YOUR MASS is NOT loaded with maltodextrin and sugars (dextrose, sucrose) that can increase fat stores.

Lipid Complex 

Essential Fatty Acids are extremely important nutrients for health and performance. In fact, the right sources of fats may help reduce inflammation, improve hormone functions and provide energy. EFA's slow down the digestion of carbohydrates and proteins, helping to stabilize insulin release and improve nitrogen retention. Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT's) provide a good source of energy and help preserve muscle glycogen. The Up Your MASS multi-functional Lipid Complex also contains CLA, which has been shown to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. 

Tastes Great, Mixes Instantly!

UP YOUR MASS is the highest quality, best tasting weight gainer on the market today. It mixes instantly in a shaker (no blender required) with water or milk so you can feed your muscles high quality calories immediately after training and throughout the day! Get on the road to maximum MASS with UP YOUR MASS!

Directions :

As a dietary supplement to support massive muscle growth and recovery, use one serving (2scoops) mixed with 16 oz. of whole milk or water twice daily.

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MHP Up Your Mass 5 lbs

MHP Up Your Mass 5 lbs

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