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  • Σας βοηθά να κάψετε λίπος πιο αποτελεσματικά.
  • Μειώνει την όρεξη και την πείνα.
  • Αυξάνει την ενέργεια κατά τη διάρκεια της άσκησης.
  • Απομακρύνει την περίσσεια του νερού στο σώμα.
  • Λειτουργεί σε διάφορα σημεία με μεγαλύτερη αποτελεσματικότητα.
  • Αυξάνει την αίσθηση της ευημερίας και της ειρήνης του μυαλού.
  • Φυσική σύνθεση.

Η Adrenaline FX είναι ένας εκρηκτικός συνδυασμός για την τόνωση της ενέργειας για έντονη προπόνηση. Συνδυάζει 11 φυσικά συστατικά , συμπεριλαμβανομένων καφεΐνης και διουρητικών συστατικών. Είναι αποτελεσματικό συμπλήρωμα στο κάψιμο λίπους, βελτιώνει τη διάθεση και εξαλείφει το υπερβολικό νερό.


Η συνιστώμενη δόση είναι 1-3 κάψουλες ημερησίως.

Adrenaline FX is a revolutionary fat burner thermogenic action with a guaranteed effect completely natural and free of ephedrine.
Adrenaline FX is an explosive combination with the best stimulants for energy quickly for intense workouts.
Adrenaline FX contains ingredients perfectly safe and scientifically proven to help you get the desired results in a rapid, when combined effectively with diet and proper exercise.
This powerful fat burner combines 11 natural ingredients, including highly effective types of caffeine, thermogenic and diuretic factors.
Adrenaline FX is very effective in periods of diet that helps control appetite and anxiety by eating fatty foods.
Adrenaline FX is a fat burner multi-vector, which releases and burns fat, energizes, enhances mood and eliminates excess water.

Main features of Adrenaline FX:

  1. Multivector Fat Burning Matrix, acting on several fronts for greater effectiveness.
  2.  Frees persistent and burns fat.
  3.  Decreases appetite and hunger.
  4.  Increased energy intensive.
  5.  Increases sense of well being and mental focus
  6. Removes excess water.
  7. With components that enhance absorption.

Each of the key ingredients of Big Man Adrenaline FX are included in appropriate doses due to information obtained by various studies and experience.

  1. Guarana. Main functions: central nervous system stimulant.
  2. Seed is used that is rich in caffeine and therefore acts as a central nervous system stimulant. Caffeine binds to adenosine receptors in the brain, increasing the waking state, and has an ergogenic effect, ie the ability to increase physical effort.
  3. Caffeine. Main functions: stimulate the mind and metabolism, energize. Energize, increases heat production and improves mental focus. 
  4. Cacao. Main functions: diuretic, energizing, mental agility and better mood. Cocoa Extract contains theobromine, which functions in the body in two different ways. First, it functions as a diuretic (eg caffeine), and therefore can aid in weight loss due to fluid retention. Second, theobromine is a chemical that makes you naturally (as the feel-good it feels to eat chocolate). This gives an extra boost of energy, more mental agility, and improved mood.
  5. Yerba mate. Main functions: central nervous system stimulant. The properties of Yerba mate to reduce fats, especially the so-called bad cholesterol, its active ingredients are very suitable to combat overweight and obesity. 
  6. Garcinia cambogia. Main functions: reduce appetite, enhance the metabolism of carbohydrates. The Garcinia Cambogia, standardized hydroxycitrate (HCA) prevents carbohydrates you eat more turn into fat, reduces appetite and is proven during training increases the burning of fatty acids.
  7. Rhodiola rosea. Main functions: increases resistance to stress and regulates the production of cortisol.
  8. Rhodiola rosea was subsequently tested and it was observed that the extract of Rhodiola rosea may help regulate cortisol production in the body.
  9. Cortisol is bound to be one of the stress hormones to respond to stressful situations, however, while cortisol helps the body respond to trauma and infection, stressful situations of everyday life can make the it remains active for a long time at a rate much higher than is needed. 
  10. Chrome. Primary Function: optimize carbohydrate metabolism. Research shows that chromium is an essential part of our diet. It can have many beneficial results when supplemented to the diet.
  1. Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion). Primary Function: Removes excess water. The Taraxacum officinale (bitter chicory) is a natural diuretic.
  1. Naringin. Main functions: prolongs the effect of other components, antioxidant.
  2. White Willow Bark. Primary Function: enhances the effect of the other ingredients.
  3. Black Pepper Extract. Primary Function: enhances the effect of the other ingredients.

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BigMan Adrenaline FX 90caps

BigMan Adrenaline FX 90caps

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